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What is digital advertising and why is it so important?

No time to read? Press play and listen to the article! Changes within society have marked the last few years in the way we relate. With technology increasingly present in our routine, we spend most of our time connected. Companies also needed to change their communications, and knowing what is digital advertising has become essential.

What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising refers to all kinds of communication made by a company to advertise and promote its brand, product, or service using the various platforms and digital channels.

How does it work a digital advertising strategy?

A digital advertising strategy needs to consider what the company’s goals are, the resources available to achieve those goals, and, of course, define a buyer persona for your business.

What are the 4 best digital advertising examples?

Nothing better than knowing examples of what can be used in your digital advertising planning, right? That’s why we’ve separated 4 application examples to inspire you to find the best idea for your business. Check it out!

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